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September 04, 2006



That was really grand. I really think the world changes when you find a place that somehow is in sync with your heart of hearts. Sounds like you may have found your bliss.


Wow, Julie. You did the Bay Area proud! Most locals don't manage to squeeze that much savoring in over the course of a month. Glad you has such delicious times--I'm just sorry I was out of town and missed meeting you. But it sounds as if you will be back...

Zarah Maria

So the West Coast is cool - but Shake Shack Burgers?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! And yes, In'n'Out burgers are good, but they're NOTHING like the Shake Shacks! Hey, you're the one that got me hooked!:-) Sounds like you had an awfully nice time Julie - wish it was me!


Extreme, burning envy here.

Which June Taylor preserves did you bring back? I can't quite see in the photo.


I was in the bay area last year on business and have felt the tug often to go back. The food, the wine, the weather-lots to love there. I particularly enjoyed your description of Ms. Taylor's vocation in this blog. You have described the heart of a foodie to me. That's exactly why I cook and what I hope to give to my loved ones. Glad you're back!


Aiyiyiyiyi! This is the trip I've been meaning to take for years. I'm so envious and yet so glad you had such a great time! It sounds like a total dream. And as for your afternoon with June Taylor, I SWOOOON. ;)


Tanna -- you're so right. The Bay Area is bliss indeed, as far as both G and I are concerned!

Tea, we did manage quite a lot of deliciousness in a fairly short period of time. Perhaps I'll get to meet you on our next trip out...

Zarah, you're right, Shake Shack burgers do call us back to NY -- even if I haven't had a single one this whole summer! Must go down to Madison Park and get one, this weekend maybe. When are you coming back for yours?

Lindy, we brought back apricot-almond butter, white nectarine conserve, boysenberry conserve, Santa Rosa Plum fruit cheese (in the glass crock), Seville orange marmalade (which I regretfully left at my Dad's, since I bought it for him -- truly the most wonderful marmalade I've ever eaten) and a bottle of the apricot sauce Ms. Taylor was making the afternoon I was there. It's unlabeled, since it was still warm when I carried it off...

Sucar, I know just what you mean. Ms. Taylor is a devotee of preserving in all senses of the word. I think what you say is so true -- many of us cook for these very reasons.

Luisa, this trip truly was a dream, as you put it -- as was our Bay Area vacation last summer. We had such a good time that we just had to do it again. Do take a trip out there -- it's just swoon-making all around. And there's so much I haven't even yet done...


Hi Julie!
I'm happy that we were able to meet up again. And love reading about all your adventures while you and G. were out here.

Will be thinking of you while I continue my studies. Hope you have a great school year.

Lea xoxo


Oh, Julie, what a wonderful trip!

When I lived in the Bay Area, I had not yet developed a passion for eating locally; that happened after I moved to Seattle, another tremendous place for foodies.

I'll be going to the Bay Area in a couple of weeks to take one of June Taylor's classes. I am thrilled beyond words. Your time with her sounds really quite special.

Joe C

I don't like the sound of this, little sister.


Lea -- all love back to you as well, and to your wonderful family. Thanks again for such a lovely evening...and have a great year as you resume your studies.

Kimberley, I know from personal experience that it is possible to be very happy for someone else while being wildly jealous of them at the same time. You're taking a class with June Taylor, yay for you, you lucky lucky duck!

Awww, bro -- this isn't even the five-to-ten year plan. It's the five-to-ten year pipe dream. And on the up side, if we did go out to the Left Coast, it would give you more reasons to come visit...


What a foodie's paradise you found in the Bay Area. I live here and even I haven't done all that. What did you think of the Edible Schoolyard? Are there similar school-run gardens where you are?

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