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September 24, 2006


Amy Sherman

I love to hear about someone inspired and on a cooking jag. I hope to cook some more as the weather turns.

Joe C

I'm glad you like cooking so much. Because I told Dad we would make dinner for him, us and our cousin Mike somtime soon. Meanwhile reading this post has made me HONGRY. Where's my chili-cheese meatloaf, dammit...

Joe C

They"ll be serving game in Montana, ie wild birds. Also bison I reckon.


Hey Amy -- thanks for stopping by! I still think fondly of our dinner at the Helmand. Nowadays, I think most of my cooking inspiration comes from other blogs -- as you can see from all the links here...

Oh brother mine, it is indeed a good thing I like to cook so much. Because you like to eat so much -- when you get a crack at MY cooking, that is. A dinner for Dad and Cousin Mike, you say? I'm thinking a brisket, since I didn't have a chance to make one for Rosh Hashanah, and maybe some kasha varnishkes to go under all that gravy...a little apple-plum sauce on the side. It'll have to happen after I get home from chowing down on bison and game birds -- although I doubt that's what they're serving at the Doubletree in Missoula...


I am very taken by your variation on the Burros plum cake, which I make often, too. Especially the browned butter idea. I'm thinking that a browned butter shortbread would be excellent too. I wonder about whether a person could re-chill browned butter and make pastry type recipes? Think it would work? Ever since I tried some Spoon Cookies with browned butter at Christmas-they're a bit of bother, but out of this world- I've been fascinated with browned butter in sweet things.


This is the time of year I wish I were Jewish. Of course, in a month I will wish I were Muslim so I can celebrate Eid. And I couldn't possibly give up Christmas or Easter so.....is there a religion that just believes in feasting? I think that's mine.

What is it about late summer/early fall that makes you just want to feast? It's almost like Mardi Gras-you need to stock up on all the perfect ripeness before the winter comes.

I've been to Montana once but all I remember eating is lots of pancakes. I don't remember if I was going through a pancake jag (sampling all in hopes of finding perfection) or if they looked really appealing at the restaurants I was eating. Knowing me, it was proably the former but I say try them anyway and I hope you are near a great coffee shop! Cottage living has an article this month about Montana road trips-(http://www.cottageliving.com/cottage/travel/article/0,21135,1227759-2,00.html).


That's quite a list of yummy sounding dishes. Can I come over for dinner?:-)

"Let's just hope the walls are not Jackson Pollacked with smoothie ingredients."

That's priceless! Hope it went well.

Margaret Fiore

Julie, thinking about your 30-minute timeframe with your elective students, did you see this week's New Yorker article about TV cooking shows? Bon voyage,


Montana? One word: HUCKLEBERRIES! Do yourself the biggest favor in the world, and bring a few (frozen, no doubt) quarts home with you to make pies!



I just got this code for the Time Out eating event on Tuesday. I went last year, and there’s a bunch of restaurants giving out free food, cool music and there’s a couple of open bars for the whole night. There’s an online coupon code (TONYVIP) you enter at check out so you can get them for 20% off your tickets if you buy them before Tuesday. It’s a really fun event, and I think you get a gift bag and a free subscriptions, too.


Hey Lindy, I'm a true fan of brown butter in baked goods -- ever since I tried it in cakes and in oatmeal cookies:
I've never done the brown butter shortbread, though it does sound really delicious. And I've been toying with the idea of browned butter madeleines, which would have to be rather fabulous too, to my way of thinking...

Sucar, I didn't get any pancakes in Montana -- just hotel food, for the most part. But I hope you've been catching up on your autumnal feasting...

Tea, I would love to have you come over for dinner -- just let me know when you're in the neighborhood.

Margaret, I did look up that piece. What a travesty most cooking shows are. My kids and I could show them a thing or two, if only we had a kitchen...and some prep time.

Gina, sadly my food options on the Montana trip were mostly limited to my Doubletree hotel and the food court at the University, since that's where I was working. But I think I'll go back in the summer, and look for huckleberries...

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