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October 09, 2006



I am another one who hasn't settled on a standard chili recipe. I like the sound of this one very much, and am going to give it a try, once I use up the over-large pot of ukranian borscht I made this weekend.(It's good, but I think I'd better freeze some , lest I O.D.)
I like the sound of the coffee, and am a fan of the smoky chipotle taste, too, so this one may be the one for me. I'm for pinto beans in my chili-that's the only thing I'm sure of so far. And cornbread is totally required.


Oh, mercy. As beautiful as the weather is tonight, I wish that it were a little wetter and a lot colder, just so that I'd have a good excuse to make that chili. Well done, dearheart.

Regarding the cookies: did you happen to use one of the Penzeys cinnamons? If so, you definitely want to cut back. Even the milder cinnamons have a lot of vavoom. :)

Joe C

I hope this doesn't mean we're getting Doubletree cookies for Christmas, dammit. Chili sounds fantastic. Where's mine?


Mmm...Ukrainian borscht? I have my own recipes for both summer borscht and winter borscht that I've cobbled together, but I'd love to see yours, Lindy. I kind of like small red beans in the chili, but pinto are good too. And I'm totally with you on the cornbread. There are times when it's a necessity and there isn't even any chili around...

Bakerina my darlin, I actually used King Arthur Vietnamese cinnamon, since I was out of my Penzey's. But it's pretty comparable in strength to the Penzey's, so you're probably right about the need to cut WAAAY back. I just put in a new Penzey's order (despite the new Grand Central locale, I never seem to get downtown and so have done another mail-order), and decided to try the Ceylon "true" cinnamon, rather than one of the stronger cassia types. Hope it's good. If you try the chili, let me know how it works for you. It's raining today...

Brother darling, no Doubletree cookies for you -- only your favorites. Now what were they again? Double chocolate mint, chocolate-espresso shortbread, oatmeal with everything, wallflower loaf, sand tarts...And come over for dinner, why don'tcha. I'll make meaty chili for you and G, and meatless chili tofu supreme for my SIL...

Joe C

Well, I think you and G should come down here for dinner in front of our fireplace when the weather gets a tiny bit chillier. You can bring the chili.
Glad to hear about the cookies. Now which cinnamon should I use for apple-walnut pie? Or should I just leave the cinnamon out? We picked Northern Spy apples that day in Dutchess, place called Mead's Orchard, and I have a bunch of organic Granny Smiths, too...
Eat more walnuts, they're really good for you.


Oh, oh, oh. :) Julie, if you've never tried the "true" cinnamon before, you're in for such a treat. The first time I tasted it was a revelation. It doesn't have that bite that cassia does. Imagine the taste that we recognize as cinnamon, minus the Atomic-Red-Hot hit, with a floral aroma and an almost lemony top note. It's gorgeous. In general, British and Mexican recipes are written with this cinnamon in mind, so whenever I'm baking from one of the British books, this is the cinnamon I use. (It is also, to answer Joe's question, the one I would use for apple-walnut pie. :)

I will admit, though, that when I *am* in a cassia-cinnamon mood, only the Vietnamese will do it for me. The last bag I bought from Penzeys is, I think, a 6% strength. There was a time, about ten years ago, I think, where they were able to get 8% strength Vietnamese cassia. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to bake with that.

(Note to Self: Get off tuchus and plan that Baking Day with Julie as soon as is humanly possible.)

Joe C

Thanks Bakerina! Now if only Julie will give me some of that true cinnamon I could make my apple-walnut pie (or more likely crisp).


Mmmm...it is now made clear to me that even someone like myself, who is plagued by occasional cinnamon ambivalence, clearly needs to have at LEAST two cinnamons in the house at any given time. Thanks darling Jen. And yes, a baking day is most definitely in order, so I'll try to get off my derriere as well.

Brotherest of brothers, when I get that cinnamon, some of it shall be yours. Or you could simply hie yourself hither to Grand Central (much closer to your home than to mine) and go to the Penzey's shop yourself, and get some of that cinnamon before I even receive mine.

We actually made our apple crisp (with pecans, though -- and plenty of oatmeal) last weekend. I did use a modicum of the Vietnamese cinnamon, for lack of another, and Northern Spy apples, picked at Soon's Orchard in Central Valley. Outstanding. Now I'm contemplating an apple-cardamom cake, with a sort of sticky toffee sauce, perhaps...


This chili sounds marvelous; the ingredient list is quite similar to the chili that I make sans measurements. I think I go heavier on the cumin and oregano, and I usually add a teaspoon or two of cocoa powder. I haven't ever added coffee to chili, but will certainly give it a try.

My Texan and Arkansan rancher ancestors would be rolling in their graves if they knew that I put both tomatoes and (black) beans in my chili.


this chili sounds (reads) really good -- i'm in cincinnati but still looking for the perfect chili! and i keep two cinnamons as well in my spice cart -- both the vietnamese and the real stuff -- penzey's is awesome.

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