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October 31, 2006



My.. comment... got erased :(

I wrote about meatloaf being such a great comfort food... but much more eloquent than that!

and how I loved the bit about "sandwiches of abandonment" etc... and I had to send it to my own boyfriend... who won't bother to make ramen. Sigh. Stupid comment getting eaten... sorry.


How do I love Laurie Colwin? Let me count the ways. Her writing was just so great.


I have never tried meatloaf. I think you've inspired me!


Hey Yvo, I feel your pain. I'm unsure what my boyfriend would do if he came face-to-face with a homecooked meal (and it's not like I don't try!) He's so busy, he thinks eating takeaway pizza on the run is a good dinner break.
Thanks, Julie - I've got Laurie Colwin at my bedside, and I'm honestly waiting until I finish The Brothers Karamozov (...836 pages out of 900+ done!) until I pick her up.


Both Laurie Colwin AND meatloaf do provide a lot of comfort. Actually, almost all of her recipes are comfort food in one way or another. G turned up his nose at tonight's late night dinner of very nice stew and rice from our local Puerto Rican take-out joint. He's completely spoiled by home cooking; I've created a monster.

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