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November 25, 2006



It sounds as though the memories of traditions past and the memories you are creating today, give you no reason to be sad!


*virtual hugs* It never gets easier, does it? My father's been gone for just over 6 years now. It's funny though, it's also food (mostly scents or tastes) that will jar memories to the surface and make me remember a lot of things that otherwise would remain in the dregs of my memory.

I'll have to remember to keep the turkey frame when I make turkey next month. Thanks for sharing.

Joe C

Beautiful post...I need some of that old turkey lentil myself...although I've been much comforted in recent days by leftover maple pecan and pumpkin souffle pies...xox


Tim, thanks for visiting. So true -- although we all have may have reasons to be sad, it certainly helps to remember all the reasons we have for rejoicing as well.

Thanks, Yvo. Indeed food is a powerful link -- at least it always has been for me. Enjoy making turkey lentil or some other turkey-frame soup next month...

Bro, there's a container of turkey-lentil waiting for you in the freezer. Glad you've been enjoying the pies.

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i like this part of the blog: "Sometimes I make a Spanish lentil soup with chorizo and spinach. Then there's the mulligatawny, made with red lentils and coconut milk. I love to make aromatic Moroccan harira with lamb and chickpeas as well as lentils; or there's a vegetarian lentil that I'm fond of, scented with cumin and copious quantities of garlic and mint. But it's been a very long time since I made my mother's turkey lentil soup."

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Yum, this has always been a favorite at our local restaurant. Now I can try to make it at home--as the organic food delivery always brings me advocados and I never know what to do with them (I'm from Michigan, you know!)

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The perfect soup for day after thanksgiving!!

In my family, We used to make a kind of cream with the turkey frame.
Add some crutons, a little coriander ans spinich...

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i know everything that comes ot with lentils would be good so i can feel that nice flavour they have i really like this i doing it because idone twith chicken and is as nice but trukey,mmm i cant wait.

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What a delicious recipe!! I wonder if you have more like this.

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