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November 29, 2006



Ughhh, I almost want to make it now. Almost. I'm still anti-baking :)


Being fashionably late is good, no? It seems like just the sort of thing that glamorous NY ladies do.

The first time that I made this bread, I cut the salt back to a scant 1/2 teaspoon. My husband is on a sodium-restricted diet, and I considered baking this Tuscan-style, but couldn't quite bear to try it for the first time without any salt. My loaf had some of the same sweet wheatiness that you described, but as I've been eating mostly multigrain sourdough loaves from my favorite bakery, I found the flavor a bit bland. I baked a second loaf with a mix of white and whole wheat flours; it had more flavor, and still great crust and crumb.

Sometime after the first of the year, I hope to get hold of some sourdough starter, and try a variant of this recipe with starter, but without any salt.

Joe C

I need to try this recipe too. Your SIL is intrigued too so maybe we'll do it together.


Yep, it is just good bread and it does seem to me very forgiving in the ingredient amounts and timeing and treatment of the dough. It seems that just about all variables have been tried out here in the blogsphere with very excellent results. The funniest "failure" I've heard about was from Baking Soda - someone sent her a picture of a loaf they'd baked and couldn't get the dough separated from the towel which she just tossed into the pot with the dough and baked it. She did bake a second very successful loaf.
Glad you've joined the Global No Kneaders.


It is astonishing how forgiving this recipe is. I've never been a regular baker before, because any of the really good breads I've made have taken considerable effort. I think this one is better than any of the others-especially the crust, but ain't nothing wrong with the crumb either.

Really for the first time ever, I'm (thus far) keeping myself in bread without recourse to bakery. It's as if someone waved a wand . Anyone who is even vaguely interested, can make sensational bread without breaking a sweat. Strange and delightful.

I'm not using all the salt, myself.


I like it !
I wish you a happy new year .

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