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November 05, 2006


Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I don't believe I've ever had persimmon, but after reading this and a post on Cook & Eat, I think it's high time I try them. And you never see black-eyed peas on a menu in a "real" restaurant...wow! What a delightful experience, thanks for sharing!


Envy, Julie, basest envy is all I can feel right now. What a lovely write-up of a place I am just dying to visit.


My goodness, with the start off saying you hadn't taken pictures, I was disappointed but with descriptions like that, who needs pictures? Your main course sounds so fabulous (I of the self proclaimed don't really eat too many pig products).... wishing I had a reason to go to LA. And a distinct lack of fear of going.


Oh yum, I'm so envious! I've cooked a couple of things from Sunday Suppers and they've been incredible. I'm still scheming how to get myself to L.A. to experience the restaurant itself...


Lisa, this was delightful indeed. Persimmons=yum! I love the fact that Lucques isn't strictly French or Mediterranean. Nor do they do the sort of fusion cooking that sometimes produces muddy results. They are faithful to clear flavors over trendy combinations, and obviously value great ingredients above all...

Luisa, Yvo and Melissa, my problem is that I have no real desire to go back to L.A. nor any particularly good reason to be there -- other than to eat everything on the menu at Lucques, as well as experience as many Sunday Suppers as possible.


This is such a wonderful write up for a wonderful restaurant. I love Lucques -- and the cookbook! In the introduction for her Pork Burger (which I recommend making), Goin says that her cooks sometimes refer to Lucques as the "house of pork" -- so I'm happy that you got to have that roast suckling pig.

Sigh, I wish I had some of those shiny almonds right about now... :)


It sounds so delightful! And I for one can't wait to read about your journey through the cookbook!


It really is a winner of a restaurant, isnt it! Just perfect. Glad you were able to make it in...


in my opinion, lucques is one of the best restaurants in the usa. but it does not seem to respond to hype--being consistent in all ways, every time i have been there--for the past 5 years or so.
Goin, a true food artist in my opinion, has one of those singular abilities to consistently transport the eater to a different place, related to the specific food item.
the meals are true, fresh, without uneccessaries, yet complex and well thought out. TRULY satisfying. (it's too bad erin did not have room for dessert--they are light yet rich, satisfying and truly wonderful). the service is discreet, relaxed, classy and perfect. the atmosphere and 3 possible seating environments are again, classy yet relaxed, homey, and warm. the outside patio is lovely in summer especially. i cannot say better things about any of the many restaurants i have tried. this place is really a find.

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