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November 15, 2006


shuna fish lydon

Make sure to eat a Goo Goo bar. It's a candy that is native to Nashville. It has no major preservatives so it's not easily found elsewhere.

Thanks for the great write-up on the cupcakes! Glad to see the recipe getting stained elsewhere in the world.


Never spent time in Nashville but I would think you'd find plenty of great pan-fried chicken and biscuits.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Arnold's Country Kitchen and Prince's Hot Chicken Shack are good bets according to John T. Edge.


You know, check out the fine website for the Southern Foodways Alliance, www.southernfoodways.org, and try posting your question there. Fantastic people there (I'm a member, and the wonderful John T. Edge is one of the main engines of the place) and they should be able to steer you towards some very good eating!


Alas, I have no advice for Nashville, but if you take Shuna's advice and find yourself longing for Goo Goo Clusters once you get home...Economy Candy sells them, both the 'regular' (peanut) version and the 'supreme' (pecan) version. Sometimes they even sell them by the case -- not that I would recommend that you buy an entire case of Goo Goo Clusters, no matter how well they freeze. Ahem. ;)

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