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December 10, 2006



And I thought I was ambitious since I (usually) bake every weekend in December.... I just make one kind of cookie. Umm, can we suddenly be better friends and I can have some triple mint cookies and Korovas???? Hahaha... good luck and hope everything bad goes away quickly, and everything good stays longer :)

Joe C

Can't wait...I will think of Mom with every bite of those beautiful snaps.


the amount of cookies mentioned in this post is scary. i have to stop reading and get myself something to curb this new cookie appetite.


Hey bro-- I'm baking you up a big batch, with special attention to all your favorites -- as usual.

Yvo and Vanessa -- it's probably too late for this year, but it suddenly occurred to me that next year we should do an NYC food bloggers cookie exchange -- live instead of all the virtual ones! Whaddya think?


Oh heck yea Julie!!! Woo!!! Although we probably shouldn't aim for December since we're all busy baking for other people. And I will probably get laughed out of the exchange since I've been using a Betty Crocker recipe from the big binder of recipes since like, 1985 or something =X


Beautiful, beautiful cookies, Julie! I love the sound of them - that good, gingery bite! - and might just have to squeeze a batch in before Christmas rolls around. How many cookies does a single batch make? Got to strategize, you know...

P.S. Thanks for the tip on Rose Levy Beranbaum's Christmas cookie book! I hadn't heard of it, but now I'll add it to my list. Her storage tips sound like a dream come true. I have never had trouble freezing cookies - thawed some of the chocolate rads and lemon sables on Saturday for a dinner with friends, and they were wonderful - but certainly some cookies might fare better than others.


Whoops! Thanks for that reminder, Molly -- I just edited to include an approximate yield, although you have to take some of it on faith, since it depends on how generous you're feeling as you roll the little balls. I baked a double batch, and just about a minute ago I forced G to put several from his nightly binge stash back in the tin, since I'm afraid that in a couple of days we won't have any left for gifts...might have to bake another couple of batches...

As a home baker, I owe a great deal to Rose Levy Beranbaum -- she has always been so careful, methodical and informative in her recipes, talking about the science behind each baking interaction long before "kitchen scientists" were in vogue. I know when she says that a particular cookie will last 3 weeks at room temp or 2 months in the freezer, it's because she's tested it out, over and over.

Joe C

Hey! All your readers should know that your extreme gingersnaps were featured on that foodandwine.com website! Check it out.


I've tried the Ginger cookies and they are amazing (as is everything Julie seems to make). I'm trying to make them for a cookie swap. We'll see whether I can pull this off??? After reading, it seems like I have many more cookies to try. I need to start baking.


I do enjoy ginger in my cookies. Yet another recipe to add to the "must bake with children" list.


what a gorgeous website! Lovely writing. I've just read the essay on "lumpy, bumpy oatmeal cookies" and tried the ginger cookie recipe on this page. So far I have eaten two right out of the oven--naughty, I know, as I'm supposed to wait for the ginger to bloom. And bloom it will, I think!


Rachel, I'm so glad you're enjoying A Finger in Every Pie as well as the Extreme Ginger Cookies! Thanks for stopping by.


Fantastic! I have been searching for a super-ginger recipe and I found this on Google. I am eager to try. Hopefully this will become one of my Christmas cookie traditions!


DB, this cookie has its own set of disciples, people love it so much -- especially my husband. Let me know how you like it.


*mouth full* mfff!

excellent! I have made the first batch and love them. Yum.

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Beautiful cookies, Julie! I love the sound of them!

Sam Nisbett


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