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January 15, 2007



How fabulous!! So much of life is about just showing up and trying!! This seems like a really great experience for everybody involved. I'm really happy for you and all your students!!! First class.


This is great! I have ideas now for my sons' school - they don't have any kind of cooking going on there. Thanks for the inspiration!

Zarah Maria

Awesome. Sounds like the adventure was enjoyed by all - and coming out wiser in the end they were, too. If only they could all have teachers like you, Julie!


I think I love your kids. Good on them for being attentive, adventurous and curious -- and for trying to watch your back, wedding-wise. ;) And brava to you for doing such a brilliant job with them. I'm so pleased I could burst (but I'll try not to).


Isn't it wonderful to see your hard work pay off? It's simply amazing what a little effort can do. Congratulations.

PS The cupcakes-in-lieu-of-wedding-cake is really in right now... do you read cupcakestakethecake blog? They have or had some up a few months ago that were really interesting.


I am so pleased it went well! And Japanese food to top it all off--very adventurous. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. Perhaps your cooking class kids who take the blogging elective will become food bloggers:-)

Joe C

You should send this somehow to that person whose book I got you for Xmas. Let me see whether I can get her email address...


This post made me tear up with joy and happiness. It sounds like they learned a lot - a lot of lessons that will stick with them a long time. Congratulations :)


Full credit goes to the class teacher! The pop quiz result shows that they have certainly learned something along the way. Well done.


I discovered your blog just recently and, after having read all your archived posts, am so glad to see an update on your cooking electives class =).

Looking forward to trying your Kitchen Sink Oatmeal Cookies, Apple Crumble Muffins, Browned-Butter Nectarine Cake, Wallflower Loaf, and, most especially, your mom's Potted Chicken and Meatballs. (And after all those, I'll be back re-perusing the recipes you've already posted!)

Congrats on your engagement. I had a good chuckle reading about how your cooking class kiddos seem to think you're slightly off your rocker for not wanting all the traditional stuff ;-).


Thanks Tanna! We had such a good time...

Ash -- let me know what happens at your son's school.

Hey Zarah! Indeed we all enjoyed it. I'm not exactly the best teacher ever -- but like you, I wish for all our kids that they have teachers who care, and keep on struggling through with them.

Aww, Jen. These kids ARE loves, complete and total. Yes, you are in love with them by proxy, and if you knew them, even more so...

Hey Yvo. I'm in the midst of finding the tiered platters I need for the cupcake tower, and deciding whether or not I'm enough of a madwoman to actually try to make all these cupcakes myself, or whether I should sacrifice both quality and money, and go ahead and let someone else do it...

Hi Tea. I hope my new crew will become bloggers, anyway -- they're really interested, and we're already having a good time!

Hey bro -- I'm going to call that person, but yes, you should try to get me her email...

Hi Nicole -- thanks for stopping by, and letting me know that you were moved by the adventures of my junior chefs!

Thanks Tim -- and I appreciate your visit to AFIEP! Although you give me the kudos, the real credit goes to these great kids.

Hey Glenda -- thanks for your sweet comment. I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog. Let me know how the recipes turn out!

shuna fish lydon

Proof that cooking and sharing food is a vehicle for so many kinds of learning and teaching and community building!

this is so new york city to me too. maybe because those are the names of my ex classmates.

sometimes the alternative stuff is just a seed we plant. how it grows isn't up to us per say...


Wow. You're making some lasting impressions on those kids. They're so lucky to have you. It's these kinds of moments that make me want to be a teacher someday (when I grow up).

Joe Bellacero

I wonder if consuming food somehow makes you open to consuming knowledge? Sounds like you certainly made the most out of what many would have thought to be an impossible situation. Congratulations to you and the kids.

By the way, take it from someone who made his own wedding cake--it's a crazy thing to do, but its a memory that never fails to bring me a smile.


It's always a delight seeing young people learn about the beauty of real cooking with real foods. Thanks for teaching them.


What a great story! This post just made my day...lessons learnt through good food shared with friends. You are just such an awesome teacher for empowering these kids.

Robbie Becklund

Ages ago when I was in jr. high we (boys) were just able to take home ec classes and cooking was so much fun, with full kitchens for each group of 4 students. Too bad that don't do that anymore...

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