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February 04, 2007



I made a chocolate orange nutella cake like that. The first day it was just ... bleh. Then the second day, wow! Of course, I have to make it again because I was so disappointed in it that I didn't take a picture.


So very true. There is no recipe for nostalgia.

Joe C

Don't give up! It's my memory too dammit.


Julie, do you have a copy of Shirley Corriher's book Cookwise? She has a pair of brioche recipes, with identical ingredients, but depending on how you mix it, you get a texture that's either bready (basically, mix as you would bread, knead until full gluten development is achieved) or cakey (beat butter into flour, to coat the flour particles with fat and inhibit gluten development). If you don't have a copy of Cookwise, I do -- and I would be happy to bring it over and help mix a few batches -- purely for comparison purposes, you understand. :)

I'll just bet you'll crack the code on that rum ring, though, and long before your brother's next birthday, too. (And if you don't, I'll bring you a cardamom-lime cake, to chase the blues away. Hell, I might just bring you one anyway, just because. :)


Maybe you've already thought of this, but I was recently reading a recipe for a chocolate genoise cake, and the texture sounds very similar to what you've described- springy, egg-like, chewy. I actually have a recipe for a whole-grain genoise that I might try soon.

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