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February 26, 2007



Does this make you feel like I'm staying tuned in?

Zarah Maria

Definetely tuned in!:-)


You've got to keep living. The posts will follow.


This happens to me all the time. I won't blog for a month and then I pop up 5 posts in a few days. Life comes first!


I think the thing I like best about food blogging is the kind and supportive community out there...you guys are the best!


There does seem to be a lot of that going around, isn't there? Don't worry, I'm staying right here, waiting patiently. :)

On the bright side, it seems as if the food sites have escaped the recent spate of trolling that's been hitting the knitting blogs. (Of course, now I've probably jinxed it. :) Small blessings.


I'm anxiously waiting. Take your time though.

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