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March 11, 2007



All the parties sound 'like you' -- and great fun. And I wouldn't worry about a few months of wedding blogging. I suspect that your readers, like a good marriage, have plenty of give and flex.


It sounds like the right approach to what has often come to be a stress-inducing event. Do it your way, muffin tower and all, it sounds wonderful to me. And no worries about wedding posts, if you want to talk about it, go for it.


You do sound like my kind of girl and boy! I really can not believe how much money people can put into a wedding...even taken out a mortgage on a home to do it. A wedding should be about a marriage which should be about love which isn't about paying a professional caterer, florist, photographer, or anything even resembling any of those things. There is labor in love and marriage or it won't last.
I suspect your readers will enjoy a little wedding blogging as it has lots to do with life and food!
Love the risotto!


so doesn't that mean, since you like the Californian champagne so much that you'll need to have a sixth wedding party here in the Bay Area????


I think your wedding and parties sound like they will be lovely, and I second (third? fourth?) the sentiment about not minding wedding-related posts =). You do have a nice way of tying your cooking-class and wedding posts back into the topic of food!

The champagne-risotto sounds delish, as did the accompanying meal. Earmarking this entry as something to refer back to as our anniversary rolls around.


Mmm, three parties, a party dress, low-key attitude, and all that groovy champagne: this sounds like MY dream wedding! :)


Hmm, I will have to try that. I really adore champagne but don't adore finishing a whole bottle between the two of us (ok, that's a lie, I like that too, but I don't think it's a good idea on a regular basis!). My current bubbly of choice is sweeter than most, but goes well with nearly any food I've tried... am sad to see it didn't make the tasting... (Martini & Rossi Asti) it's fairly inexpensive too. Ah well. The recipe sounds lovely but I'm not sure I can give up the champagne... I'd probably wind up drinking it anyway =X


Dear Julie, it all sounds perfect to me - the cupcake tower, the multiple parties, the do-it-yourself spirit, and of course the risotto! I think far too many people end up having the kind of wedding they feel they should have, as opposed to the wedding they really want, don't you? Not to mention that when all is said and done, it's the outré ones that people actually remember... ;)


Alanna -- if we've got anything, we've got "give and flex" -- thanks!

Thanks Marce -- we're definitely trying to keep it a stress-reduced event, insofar as that's possible...

Hey Tanna -- maybe the greatest lesson of all is that we're actually having a lot of fun putting this together ourselves,without the pricey wedding-planner et al...

Why yes, Sam, I think a Bay Area celebration is in order...now we just have to settle on a date...

Glenda, this menu would be a great one for an anniversary. Let me know if you give it a try!

Well Luisa -- we're certainly having a good time so far. I hope it all comes off as dreamy as it sounds to you...and actually, I think it will.

Yvo, we don't usually polish off a whole bottle of bubbly between the two of us, either -- and this is the perfect solution. You can cut this recipe in half -- or you can also make up for any lacking bubbly with white wine or dry vermouth.

Trust me, Melissa -- I think folks are going to remember this one, not only for the cupcake tower and the domestic champagne, but for the blending of two rather disparate families. As my brother says, that's what keeps it from being boring...


I believed that I wasn't fond of champagne for a long time-until someone gave me a bottle of Piper-Sonoma. After drinking it, I realized that I am quite fond of champagne (sometimes overly fond) but prefer the domestics.

I whole-heartedly enjoy hearing about weddings-particularly when they are arranged as the bride and groom wish them to be arranged. We were fairly unconventional in our wedding but our whole family remembers it as the happiest wedding they ever attended. Now, if you start talking about 9 bridesmaids fighting over dress choices....it's possible I might check out for a while. Possible but not likely since I'm sure you could make the bridesmaid battle hilarious and it would end in a recipe for floral meringues!


Sucar -- I'm so pleased to find another fan of Piper Sonoma. Fortunately there are no bridesmaids, since we're not having that sort of wedding -- but I have a feeling that there may be an incipient "battle of the flower girls" since I have FIVE little cousins who are all vying for this non-existent role -- as well as the son of a friend who recently suggested that he could be the "ring-boy".


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Oh goody!

I've been waiting for some tid-bits on your wedding arrangements. I didn't expect you to blog about any of it, because I know you are quite a private person outside the food world.

I look forward to more little bits. I don't mind in the least:-)


I'm a bit late chiming in here (just now catching up on my blog reading) but I just had to say that I think your festivities sound lovely. The weddings I enjoy the most are the ones that best represent the two people getting married--and it sounds like you are doing a great job in that department. Enjoy, enjoy!

And I'm so pleased you picked Piper! I received a bottle years ago, as part of a thank you for being a bridesmaid present, and have been a big fan ever since. And so nice that it doesn't break the bank either. With my next glass, I will be toasting you two.

Hope you have a wonderful celebration(s)!

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