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March 04, 2007



Oh, my dear. As I read this, growing happier and happier, I thought to myself, "the only thing that would make this a perfectly happy ending would be if the recipe were bestowed to her." Then I read your final paragraph. My heart is full to bursting right now -- in a good way. :)

(Of course I would never ask for the recipe. I understand. :)

brian w

What a lovely story! You should send this in to the Times or something.

Jessica "Su Good Eats"

How touching! Can you make Lisettes for a food blogger party? They sound so delicious, and only a few people have gotten the privilege of eating them. Congrats on your engagement, BTW.


Wow, Julie I can't imagine all the ways the internet brings us together but this has got to be one of the best happenings yet. That is so very beautiful! Joy!
Have a lovely April!!


Oh Jen -- at the very least, I hope to someday bake you your very own batch of Lisettes.

Thanks Brian -- I'm still somewhat staggered by the amazement of it all myself.

Hey Jessica -- I would love to bake these for a food-blogger event. And thanks for your good wishes...

Thanks Tanna -- this moment certainly struck a very joyous note in a truly joyous season. April brings even more joy, but I have a lot to do between now and then!


That is so touching. I'm tearing up right now and you've got my brain gears turning with ... 'hmm... what do I remember from childhood...' Unfortunately, I don't think any of my childhood favorites that are long gone...can really be brought back. But then, neither did you! Hmm, hmm :) Happy for you!


I have chills all over my arms and legs, and tears in my eyes. What a beautiful story - It's wonderful how something so large as the Internet can connect us to our past, our legacy, can create such delightful memories and frienships!

Susan from Food "Blogga"

This story warms my heart. It's amazing how a series of simple events can lead to such a beautiful ending! This is my first visit here, and you've just hooked me.


That story gave me goosebumps! How very wonderful that you were able to meet them, that they baked you some lisettes, and that they were kind enough to share an obviously-cherished family recipe with you =).



That is so touching and a wonderful birthday gift indeed.
When the computer is cranky, crashes, and otherwise is frustrating, it's good to remember that it also can be the instrument of such an unlooked for connection. Tasting the past and your mother's legacy. Priceless.


I'm sorry, I'm all teary! I've never had a Lisette, obviously, but I think we can all relate on having a particular food, smell, object, or song that takes up back to a special place and memory. What a wonderful birthday surprise! thanks for reminding us that this crazy box we call our computer and that nutty thing called the internet can help us connect and love better. Thank you!



that was beautiful! Thank you for your wonderful food-evoked memories. And how happy I was for you that your food-evoked wishes came true.

I'm more than a little teary for you.


Hey Yvo -- as my experience proves, you never know what can happen with this crazy technology! It makes us fearful that people or institutions are invading our privacy, but sometimes it's a great thing that people can find each other...

Hi Chirky -- You're right -- I'm so delighted to have made these new friends who are actually a family connection...

Thanks Susan -- I'm so glad you stopped by, and that you plan to visit again!

Hey Glenda -- these are kind and wonderful people indeed. Just another incident that serves to remind me that I'm generally a lucky person with a great many good people in my life. Good to remember on those days when nothing seems to be going right...

Hi Elle -- it's kind of an amazing dichotomy that through NEW technology we're able to recapture the PAST...and through the kindness and generosity of others, of course.

Hey Vanessa -- I'm glad you enjoyed my sharing this story. So many people seem to worry that computers mean that we'll all spend our lives isolated in little cubicles -- but these crazy boxes can serve to connect us, too, especially if that's how we make use of them.

Hi Caroline! I'm so glad to see you here, and to know that you still drop by! Thanks for your kind comment about this story.

Joe C

Wow. What a treat to read this in a hotel room on the book-tour journey. So beautifully written, this touched me deeply for reasons only you can understand. I love them Internets...


Oh Julie, I'm late to the party but so happy for your reacquaintance with Lisettes and your friends. What a wonderful story! P.S. happy, happy birthday!!


what a lovely & touching story. these look divine. thanks for sharing.


Hey Bro -- we're coming into a spring when sharing memories becomes more important than ever, as our family increases and comes together to celebrate...

Cathy -- it's never too late for a visit from you! I'm glad you enjoyed this tale, and thanks for your birthday wishes.

Linda -- So glad to have you drop by AFIEP, and I'm pleased that you enjoyed the story. I'll come visit you too!

David/Almost a Chef

There is not much I can say about this post that hasn't been said already. What a great story of food, the internet, blogging - and the good feelings each can somehow relate to. Thanks for a great read.

Mevrouw Cupcake

What a delightful and moving story; an example of how taste and memory are such integral parts of our lives. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment in your life.


What a great story. I love hearing how the internets have a hand (if internets can be said to have hands) in bringing people unexpectedly together, or back together. Enjoy those Lisettes... they sound wonderful.

Cece Smith

Julie, please tell me where I can buy your llittle Lisettes cakes? Or the Bahlsen Contessa cookies in the United States. I live in Nebraska. Recently, last November I was returning from the Holy Land via Frankfurt. THE Airline served us he usual light snack. However, the gentleman next to me then offered me one of his Bahlsen cookies covered in bitter chocolate. Icould hardly wait until he offered me a second cookie. All I could think of the rest of the flight were the remaining cookies left!
They were delicious.
Do you bake and sell Lisettes during Christmas season. I remember this gentleman telling me that these cookies were available only during Christmas. also know that he was flying to Chicago, where he said he helped his friend during the Christman holidays at his German Store in Chicago Butwhere?????
please keep me on your mail list.

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