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April 01, 2007



Oh. Hell. Yes.


This was such an enjoyable post. Really, a great story, like one of the best I've ever read! Thank you!

Jessica "Su Good Eats"

Mmm, looks tasty. I really like Alice Medrich's low-fat brownies because they are really chewy. I'll have to try yours.

The best brownies I ever had was from my brother's friend's mom. She was a caterer. They were deeply dark, really chewy, yet soft and delicate. I'll have to try yours.


What a perfect brownie marriage! Very tempting the butter content being fairly low! I like that.


What is it about husbands (or husbands-to-be) not liking walnuts in their brownies? I have to do the same thing to brownies-half with nuts, half with chips. Interestingly enough, our son (named Ellis-goes by the nickname of Ellie T occasionally) picks out both the nuts and the chips to eat separately as a side dish to his brownie extravaganza. I will have to try your recipe if only b/c of the name.

I'm glad you found your brownie center (that sounds oddly like an candy bar advertisement but I like the ring of it). Is it really only 3 weeks away? Whew.


You should submit this to Myriam over at

She is hosting a browniebabe event this month!



Bakerina, my dear, oh hell yes. Someday soon there will be brownies a-bakin' in my kitchen, with your name on them...

Junglegirl -- thanks so much for the compliment, and so glad you enjoyed the story! If you make the brownies, you'll enjoy them too.

Ummm..Jessica? Do you by any chance have your brother's friend's Mom's recipe? I'm always up for trying something new...but do try these. They really hit that chocolate-chew spot.

Tanna, you'll never notice the lowered fat in these, or at least I never do -- and I usually HATE low-fat stuff. Hmmm...perfect "brownie" marriage, eh? The stuff of which compromises and good marriages are made, no?

Oh Sucar, time is creeping up on me. Yes, it's mere weeks away, and we're looking forward to having the weeks of wedding madness over so that the peaceful restful content marriage can begin!

Janelle, thanks so much for calling this to my attention. If I can make it happen, I will.


I love the way you write and particularly enjoyed Taste Of The Past. I always suspected that I may be a man as I hate nuts in my brownies too! This recipe looks dangerously addictive.

Jessica "Su Good Sweets"

Hi Julie, I don't think I can track down that recipe. :-( I had those brownies when I was 11 (hmm, that's 14 years ago). My brother drifted away from that friend several years ago. Err, I could ask my brother if he has any leads, but I doubt it.


I've just made these brownies in a fit of chocolate need and they are by far the best brownies I"ve ever made. Dense, fudgy, chewy, yum! My really awful English oven had rough time with them and I had to increase the time by nearly 20 minutes to get them done but they came out perfect. I'll definitely be keeping this recipe for reusing. (also I had no nuts or chips so they were just plain and turned out lovely anyways)


Bana, I'm so glad you liked these. They are my absolute favorites too.

Rachel Timmons

Julie, I just made these, and, WOW. These are QUITE something.

Most chocolate desserts, much as I enjoy them, taste primarily of sugar and then of chocolate, if that makes sense. I'm constantly looking for a way to lessen that insipid sugary top note, heighten the chocolate, bring it into the forefront so the taste on your tongue is almost..aggressively.. chocolaty. "This is a really...*black* chocolate flavor," said my friend this evening. (I didn't use the orange elements, added chopped bittersweet chocolate as had no bittersweet chocolate chips). Point is, well done.

Here's the question: The gooey-sticky batter, almost a caramel consistency (you're right about the toothy snap-back effect, and the sea salt is gorgeous here), was REALLY thin in the 13x9 inch pan and after the brownies were cool, they seemed to get a bit dry sitting around. Have you tried baking in a deeper pan? I may have used too much chopped up chocolate, which might have added to the dryness--there was a bit of moisture needed.

Anyway, totally scrumptious. will make again. A recipe that will stay with me.

Rachel Timmons

Clarification: what I meant was have you had any experience baking these in a SMALLER pan, not a deeper pan, so that the batter would spread less, and do you think that might help my dryness problem? Sorry! :)


Rachel, I'm so glad you enjoyed these. I find that they're about 3/4 inch thick in a 9x13 pan -- I think the thinness contributes to the chewiness factor. Mine don't seem to get dry -- I wonder if you're overbaking them a bit. Certainly if you want to try them thicker, you could go for a 9x9 inch pan and see how that works.

Rachel Timmons

Julie--sorry to comment yet again! In a fit of insanity I got up this morning and baked a second batch of these (after having made them at 8pm last night for the first time!) Made them in a smaller pan--had to bake them longer but---

they. are. STUNNING.
Next up--adding dried cherries and slivered almonds.....


I thought I hated chocolate and orange together but figured I would be true to your recipe in the spirit of adventure. I was wrong. I impulsively made these last night with a combo of brown and white sugar with glug of molasses.(I ran out of brown sugar!) And the chocolate chips because I had no nuts on hand. And they are wonderful! They stuck to the foil something awful, but the effort of extricating them was well worth it. I will definitely be making them again.


Melissa -- can't figure out why they stuck to the foil -- that's never happened to me. Maybe the molasses made them super-sticky? In any case, I'm so glad you liked them.


oh, in case no one explained, "plight" is pledge and "troth" is truth. So you pledge your truth to your spouse. Kinda nice.

These sound like awesome brownies.


So I tried again and I followed the recipe. They did not stick to the foil at all and were again received (by a new group of tasters) incredibly well. However, next time, I am intentionally using molasses regardless of my brown sugar situation and in spite of the stickiness! The serendipitously molasses-tinged ones were darker and even more chewy, and I think I preferred them. Either way, thanks again for a fabulous (and fabulously easy) recipe.


nbm -- thanks for your visit. Both plighting my troth and the brownies have been pretty awesome, it's true...

Melissa -- excellent that this recipe is workin' for ya, as they say. Tell me what your molasses/sugar proportions/ratios/measurements are -- I'd love to try the recipe your way.


Hmm... Well, I was totally out of supplies. So I used all my brown sugar (almost exactly one cup). And then I dumped all of my remaining white sugar into a 1-cup measure. It filled it probably a bit more than 3/4. Then I filled to the brim with molasses. Somewhere between 3 and 4 tablespoons of molasses? I apologize for being so unhelpful! I was just winging it since I really wanted to make brownies but didn't have time or motivation to go to the store. About that much, though, and I think it was definitely different.


Sounds great, Melissa. I'm definitely going to give it a try.

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