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April 17, 2007


Zarah Maria

I try to think of something wise to say, but really, all that comes to mind is "hear, hear!" On the it's goddarn awful part, and the but we must live on-part. I hope you have a fantastic day this Saturday (and the days after that) And, allow a little pocket-philosphy from me here, Julie: the important part is that you know you're lucky, and that you appreciate it. And I know you know how to appreciate it. All the best to the both of you, from the both of us.


Dear Zarah, thanks so much to both of you for your words and your thoughts. We will have a beautiful day, I know it -- and you're right, our lives are remarkably heightened by our own gratitude.


Having danced at my nephews's wedding a few months after we suddenly lost my Dad in an auto accident, and knowing what it feels like to lose a child/young adult because we lost our son at 17 in an auto accident, the fact that you are able to both mourn with the bereaved families and rejoice in the gift of your love speaks volumes about what a good person you are.
Wishing you and your beloved a well-deserved day of happiness and joy and many, many years of a good life together.
Tributes like this are very much a source of comfort for the families. It helps to know that people care.

jen maiser

> And for a moment, I felt the way that
> I did on the days after September 11th,
> when I was picking out clothes to wear
> that day, or going grocery shopping, and
> I would be overwhelmed with guilt and
> shame for the fact that I had the luxury
> of choosing what to wear or what to eat
> when so many lay dead, so many were in
> mourning.

I remember that feeling so well. And I have thought that same thing many times this week. Have a lovely, lovely wedding.


Julie, I wish you and Geoff only love, blessings, and joy on your wedding day and every single day thereafter.

I love you lots,
Lea xxx


Elle and Jen and Lea and Tea and all my cherished friends that have come to me through this blog and many other places as well -- many many thanks for all your blessings and good wishes on this day. As they say, happy the bride the sun shines on -- a truer word was never spoken at least in my case. I'm off to be married!


The biggest joys and the biggest sorrows are in a way more alike than different. Both are like waking from a dream when compared to ordinary consciousness, and both can make us determined to be more awake, more of the time.

I wish you both all the very best, and am confident that you will continue to know just how to appreciate it.
For years and years.

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