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April 10, 2007



Ohh so sad! I find this with "American-style" bakers way too often. Pretty but tasteless.

I happen to think that this family party will quickly become a cupcake orgy! Little bites, little bites, little bites ... can't wait to see the results!

Zarah Maria

Oooooh! CUPCAKES! Sorry about all the bad ones you had to go through Julie, but happy to hear you found "the one" (ahem, no pun intended;-)). As for the sizes: I'd go for a lot of small ones, with just a couple big ones, for decorational purposes. I really like the look of different sizes mixed, but I like eating the small ones better - that way you can try out a lot, umm, I mean a couple different flavors.


Get lots of flavors in small ones, so that people won't feel guilty about trying lots of flavors :)

Happy Marriage to you both!!!



Congrats on the upcoming nuptialsm and many, many blessings on your union. I did cupcakes for a friend's wedding two summers ago and most people took one of each (large sized) flavor, so if you are doing several flavors, I strongly advise you to get more small cupcakes than large ones. And get more than you think you need. There were just crumbs left on the table, along with one lonely little dragee!


Sheesh, I SO didn't mean to write nuptialism, the 'm' snuck in when I wasn't paying attention!!!!!


Mmmmm definitely smaller cupcakes because they look prettier and more delicate. Also you can have more than one without looking like a glut! Can I come to your wedding?! I want to try all those delectable flavours!


Oh, nooooooo! Were those the cupcakes you bought the night you and I met up in Chelsea? I'm so sorry -- had I known, I would have been more proactive about trying them myself, and then you and I could have spared G. the Wrath of Bad Cupcake. Sorry, dear. (I'm also sorry to hear the sad, sordid story behind Burgers & Cupcakes. Yikes.)

I'm adding my voice to the "lots of little cupcakes" chorus, and I second Heather's "have more than you think you'll need." The worst-case scenario is that you'll have extra cupcakes, and, really, who is about to complain about that?

I know that the list of things we need to bake together is long and getting longer, but we might need a cupcake day -- specifically, an Alternative Flavor Cupcake Day. In the past two months, I've made lemon-saffron cupcakes from a Kurma Dasa recipe my friend Boot sent me; I've baked gingerbread into cupcakes, with extra-bittersweet chocolate icing; and I tried Rose Levy Beranbaum's trick of baking fruitcake into cupcake tins. They were all fabulous. I'm also thinking I need to hone my flourless cupcake skills, so's Shauna can join us one of these days. (Elizabeth David's flourless chocolate cake, in cupcake form, maybe?)


Hey Alanna -- I'm definitely looking forward to the "cupcake orgy" part of the event...

Zarah darlin', you're right -- I really did find "the one", in more ways than one, tee hee. I think everyone's looking forward to a few flavors...

Nicole, thanks for your good wishes -- and thanks for weighing in on the cuppy-cakes...

Hey Heather, thanks for your blessings and I'm hoping that there'll be just crumbs this time, too...

Paprika, come to NY and I'll take you on a cupcake tour...

Yes, Bakerina my darlin', these were the misbegotten cupcakes I bought on the night we had those lovely wines and those nummy sandwiches at that wine bar...and yes, we must bake at some point. Ummm...lemon saffron...oooh, chocolate-iced gingerbread...yummy flourless chocolate cake, or maybe little cupcakes made with the fragrant almond-lemon cake I made for Passover, iced with apricot curd...


Wow, I love the idea of as many different sorts as possible, so the little ones, of course. Your wedding festival of events is going to be so wonderful.


I keep hearing about that cupcake and burger place, and I live in CA. Cannot wait to read your experience with their tasty wares!


I am a big fan of filled cupcakes so i vote for all the flavors above that are filled! I know everyone has said this but I would get 1 of each kind for each of your guests. Either big or small-they will eat one or two or three of each kind.


Thanks, Lindy -- at this point we're in countdown from the coming weekend, which includes our actual wedding ceremony and our cocktail reception the following day.

Hey Garrett. I know that Burgers and Cupcakes -- the original one on 9th Avenue, not the copycat on 23rd St. -- is great. I already love their wares. When you come to NY, though, you have to go to Shake Shack, especially if it's burgers you're looking for.

Ummm...but Sucar...if I get one of every kind for every guest (and they're small-medium size, not tiny or mini) that would be 11 cupcakes per guest...which would be 660 cupcakes. I don't think we can even transport much less display that many. And after food, I doubt anyone is going to eat more than one or two...but I have to confess, I do love the idea of everyone having every flavor.

Jessica "Su Good Sweets"

It's not just you. Most cupcakes in New York suck big time. I prefer smaller cupcakes, BTW.

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Yummy, definitely smaller cupcakes because they look prettier and more delicate. Let's just watch on sugar!


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I trul am a Sugar Sweet Sunshine fan!!
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It is pretty sad to find out that most of the places aren't good with cupcakes. Those little and delicous things are part of some of our daily routine.

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