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May 05, 2007



Congratulations--and what a sweet, sweet story! (the part about your friend had me in tears). Glad you got to include your own personality--and baked goods--in the special events. It sounds like it was a magical time. Enjoy the honeymoon-- and everything that comes after!


What a sweet post, Julie! Congratulations on your wedding!

Zarah Maria

Congratulations Julie (& G) Yes, of course he should think that's what it's all about, the his-shirt, high heels, baking goddess-thing - knowing you Julie, it's not too far from the actual truth, either ;-)


Congratulations, Julie (and to G. as well).

No matter how long one's been married, being caught in hubby's shirt and high heels while baking is a GREAT thing, for both of ya!!


Julie, cherie,
enfin! I've been checking, holding my breath for a wedding post...delicious! Now, how about a photo of the newlyweds? still holding half my breath,
encore de felicitations dans le neanmoins,


Sweet post - good luck next week.


Aww, don't burst his bubble just yet. Marriage is chock-full of surprises... ;)

Congratulations to you both!! I can't wait to hear about the rest.


Yeah! Congratulations!


Congrats! I can totally relate to your wanting to cook SOMETHING for you wedding events. The cheese dollars sound divine! Wishing you many happy years together.

Byunghoon Kim

Congratulations on your wedding!
Great pics and great story! :)


Congratulations on making partner! It sounds like you had a great time gettin' hitched, and I wish you all the best as the honeymoon continues through the years.

BTW, I totally share your inability to stay out of the kitchen, even (especially) when being fussed over. Also, your aversion to "obey."


Congratulations! I am going to try making the cheese dollars


I was just browsing and ended up on your blog. I just want to say that everything looks yummy and I share your difficulties in planning a wedding (my husband and I eloped and are still trying to plan an event). I also wanted to tell you that a tower of cupcakes is actually incredibly traditional. The tier wedding cake evolved from a Renaissance custom of piling lot's and lot's of buns and drizzling them with glaze. I'm going to try your cheese dollars, thanks!

Deborah Dowd

Congratulations and thanks for sharing these crackers. My nephew and his fiance are having an engagement party this Sunday and I think I will make and take these!


I just found your blog and loved the line about keeping the cheese dollar dough longer than 3 days, as you like to live dangerously.
Off to explore the archives. What a treat.


Many thanks to everyone for all your love and good wishes and wedding gifts. Now if we can just get through a particularly trying period as the school year ends, the actual honeymoon can begin! Of course, the figurative one's been going on for years... :D


I don't cook. I let others do that. I focus more on what to give for the guests as gifts. Last time, I gave out World Time Zone Clocks and now they couldn't help but think where to go for their initial international destination.


Nice spam, "Shawn." I'm guessing that you're part of the new generation of comment spammers, who have found an end-run around the CAPTCHA tools that we use to try to protect our sites.


Julie, I've been dancing with these folks for weeks. I think I've got them off my back, at least temporarily. If you need/want help with this, just let me know. I know that TypePad and Expression Engine are two completely different animals, but I'm pretty sure that TypePad has tools in place to help fight this sort of thing.

(Feel free to delete this comment if you want to do a little, er, housecleaning. ;)


Hey Bakie-girl --

These folks are loathesome, aren't they? Worse, even, because they're pretending there's something human behind their gruesome avarice. I think I'll leave the post up, just so that others in a similar situation know that help is available, from me or from you...I know I figured a way around someone who was bugging me before, so I'll try the same method, and if that doesn't work, I'll definitely call on you for help!

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