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May 28, 2007



They're just gorgeous Julie - you ARE clever! Hope regular life calms down soon so you can get back to enjoying your happily wedded bliss!


You know, I knew that these would be luscious based on your description on the phone, but I seriously underestimated how luscious these must be. I can only imagine how otherworldly they are in the tasting. (Note to self: Start hounding the Red Jacket Farms folks about when the apricots will be in.)


Thanks Cathy -- we can't wait for the calm-down period ourselves!

Hey Jen -- time for a market crawl, sometime soon...


What a stunning finish!


Hang in there on the admin and sympathy for the cranky 10th graders...they have perfected cranky by that age :0

Great recipe for the bar cookies and genius to do the curd and sauce and tangy to cut the richness of the cheescake flavor. Yum!
Feathering is fun, isn't it?

Robyn Vickers

Well done! You should definitely have something to crow about now and then. This looks beautiful and mouthwatering!

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