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July 19, 2007


Zarah Maria

Awww! I remember my first time making my own pasta - what fun! And you know what? I still think it is! The KA attachment makes it so, I'm sure. Glad you got such a lovely gift Julie :)


Good job, Julie! Your plate of pasta looks wonderful. Isn't it fun to get your hands into all that flour and egg mixture?

Lea x

Noodle Princess

Oh my! I wanted to dive into my computer screen and eat that entire photo of homemade pasta! I am far from home right now and about to be married too. And you have motivated me to put both a Kitchen Aid mixer AND the pasta attachment so I can revel in the fabulosity of homemade pasta. Yum!


you did a wonderful job on the pasta. It looks perfect!

Julie O'Hara

Good for you! Yes, you're right about the marrying thing. I did it about a year and a half ago and got some great kitchen goodies including the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I have been fooling with the idea of getting the pasta attachment ever since, but you're so right...the commitment is giving me pause. Yours look lovely though!


I vote for the guitars and amps :)
What's a beautiful meal without beautiful music? (but the kitchen stuff is cool too)


Wow, it feels like a month ago that I made that pasta -- and it is a while ago, bad blogger that I am.

Zarah -- it's good to see you here, as always -- hope you're keeping cool in the Copenhagen summer.

Lea dear, thanks so much for your encouragement on the pasta. I was hoping to see you and your family again this summer, but it looks like we're not going to get out to the Bay area for a while...

Noodle Princess, I'll be interested to see how you fare with the pasta maker too! It's a lot of fun, actually. I'll keep checking your blog to find out how it goes...

Marye, it did come out pretty well for a beginner's try -- thanks for the compliment. I love baking blogs -- I'm enjoying checking yours out.

Julie, go for the pasta attachment -- I think you'll enjoy it. Big fan of your blog here, y'know.

Maryann -- I love the music too. BTW, you have a lovely blog! I love the Ciambotta.


Thanks Julie. The ciambotta is so easy to make! BTW your macaroni pics are still making me drool. I better get off my duff and make some..but it's soooo hot here :)


I think I need a pasta attachment to go with my racing car red KA. I've tried rolling fresh pasta out by hand and never get it thin enough to make me feel it was worth the work. But yours looks lovely. I wish we could all register, regardless of legal standing. That would be fun.


Tea, I really think the pasta attachment is worth it. It's space saving, I think, since I'm not housing another entire machine just for pasta, and I have to say that it made the process pretty easy. I did have some momentary disasters, like when I wasn't paying attention to feeding the dough through the machine, and tore holes in it, but on the whole, the machine and I performed well for first-timers.

Having waited an embarrassingly long time for registry gifts (since I didn't exactly marry as a teenage bride), I'm now of the mind that people should throw themselves some sort of "any-excuse" party and register. You deserve it -- especially you!


I have got myself a little pasta machine. I am so keen to start experimentint. I might share experience with you.well, truth is thta you are miles ahead of me by the looks of it.; o )


Your noodles look tender and lovely. It can be daunting to make pasta. I won't even attempt it unless it's dry and cool outside -- which right now in St. Louis it isn't.

Enjoy the presents!

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I love experimenting also about on pasta.. Actually, I don't know how to cook, that's why I am learning, and I want to cook pasta on my own..:)

Jess Kehler

My gf thinks making pasta at home will be too difficult, I keep telling her it will be fun and taste fantastic.

Hopefully this post will convince her :D.

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I didn't knwo that you can make your own pasta and I can be as good as the one that you bought. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Wow, I’m obviously not being creative enough, haha…Great work!

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