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August 23, 2007



What a great post. Lovely every paragraph and took note of some of those places - in case I go to Canada on vacation.


I really enjoyed reading your impressions of my favourite city (and hometown), Montreal. I never stop learning new things about this place. Thank you. L'Etoile de Tunis will have at least a couple of new patrons soon...


I have only been to Montreal once, but oh, how I long to go again! And now I also want to go to Quebec City and Ile d'Orleans.

*makes plans*



Valentina, you should absolutely go to Canada on vacation. It's all we can do at this point to keep ourselves from re-locating, we love it so much. If you do go, let me know...I'll send you some more specific info.

Elvi, I'm so glad you enjoyed this. And what a wonderful heritage, to be from Montreal. How we love that city. Let me know what you think of L'Etoile de Tunis -- I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Oh Nicole, you must go. This is such a great holiday, and at incredibly reasonable costs. If you go, let me know, and I'll give you some more tips as well...

Debi Freeman

Thanks for sending me to your blog to get the low down. Reminded me of Montreal, sure, and of the gorgeous writer that you are.



Gasp. What a gorgeous picture. I now regret that we didn't hotfoot it up to Canada on our recent trip to Vermont. Oh, how I wish I'd seen your blog before! I can tell that I'm going to love reading it now though!

Joe C

All very nice except for one thing: where are the baby pictures? But seriously, thanks for coming to visit us in ACK and making those fantastic desserts. That rustic tart was amazing and beautiful.
Oh and the hard cider was marvelous too...


Oh Debi -- thanks for visiting, and for your kind comment -- it was great to see you the other day!

Cindy -- you should surely go to Montreal, the next time you're in Vermont. It's so much closer than one thinks...

Sadly, bro, the few pictures I took of the critters were with other people's cameras. And you haven't forwarded me any pictures, either...what's ACK?

Joe Conason

Sorry, ACK is the airport acronym for Nantucket. I will forward pictures of the little critters forthwith.


I can't believe it's taken me so long to sit down and really absorb this superb travelogue. I don't suppose you have any more honeymoons coming up, specifically the kind where your friends are encouraged to hitch a ride with you? ;)

G's comment about how even the unsolicited squeegeeing is better in Canada made me come perilously close to choking to death on my cereal. Not that I'm complaining. I'm willing to die in the service of astute and witty social commentary. :)


Actually, Bakerina dear, we have an as-yet very unformulated plan about a possible stay in Vermont w/a side trip to Montreal during the week between Xmas and New Year. House guests, house party, it may very well be within reach -- so you and Lloyd should mark your calendar and start saving your pennies.

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