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August 31, 2007



Honey, I'm right there with you, in the illness orbit (Lloyd has a savage bronchial infection and is on an aggressive antibiotic regime), in the food-based malaise, in the unease over it all. Don't you worry. I'm not going anywhere. :)


ay, julie mama, so sorry to hear you and g have been under the weather. i will light a candle to la virgen maria (no!) and all the saints to cure you of this feeling of food fuchiness. xo, b.


I had very bad IBS years ago, and am in a flare up of it now, and it's hard to feel enthusiastic about food when you know it may cause you to feel so awful. I feel nauseated when I get hungry, and nauseated when I eat. So, I'm right there with you. Trying to find something to eat is a chore right now, not a pleasure.

Your appetite will come back, as will the pleasure. I'm sure :)

As for "barnyard saying", I love them too. "Bullshit" is so gloriously American. Simple, direct, to the point, and totally related to the barn. Love it.



Hope you start feeling better soon!


Hang in there Missy, may your taste buds blossom again very soon!


I know what you mean about not understanding people feeling uninterested in food all their lives, and seeing it as just a way to refuel (probably not with the best nutrients either.) Here in Argentina, we have a similar view to that of Italians in terms of food, most people enjoy eating, and acknowledge the fact that they are eating and what they are eating, which must be the first step to eating better, since it´s hard to know you are eating crap if you are just munching away while glued to the tv.
But anyway, I´ve been in your situation of not feeling too well and losing interest in food as a result, and I know how frustrating it can be to those of us who love food, but hang in there, it´ll pass soon, and we´ll be right here with you to enjoy your food discoveries (and you can write about other stuff anyways, shutting up those who assume you are unidimensional ;)
Take care!

Joe Conason

I am so sorry that this malaise is lingering. See you when we get home...xxx


Hi Julie - I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you're appetite and good health return soon!

Zarah Maria

I know what you're saying, Julie - even though it's been summer and glorious produce is all around, I haven't been much up to it lately. Don't know why (luckily I haven't been sick, like you) but that's just the way it goes sometimes, I guess. We'll be back in the game in our own due time - who knows, maybe a little pasta challenge would get us on the right track?:)

To good health returning!


Dear friends and readers -- many thanks for all your good wishes. It seems we're on the mend -- I'm finally feeling better, and G's fever broke yesterday (it had been alarmingly high, and I think that my threatening him with a trip to the emergency room or at least a doctor caused the fever to back down and go into retreat)...

Bakerina, darlin' -- I'm feeling well enough to say let's make a plan! I have buckwheat flour for you!

Betty mama -- your candle to the virgencita (no!)has gotten a response! Can't wait to see you in November.

Hey Nicole -- it's funny how we have such a nostalgia for farm language -- especially those of us, like me, who have never exactly been farm girls, to our eternal regret...

Thanks Tea -- I just want to get well enough to make those wonderful buckwheat pancakes of yours, even if blueberry season has gone...

Oh Mari, I very much appreciate the sentiment, as well as your visit! Here's to blossoming taste-buds for us all...

Hey Marce -- isn't it strange that people here have such disdain for a healthy interest in their meals -- and yet we're high scorers in obesity in this country? BTW, I have long thought about expanding this blog's scope to be about other subjects too -- perhaps, as you suggest, now's the time.

Bro dear -- can't wait to see you too.

Cathy, thanks so much for your good wishes. Hope to see you again, perhaps on a trip to NYC?

Zarah, let's think about this -- we should definitely make a transatlantic blogging pasta date, don't you think? Thanks much for your kind thoughts.


Glad to hear you're feeling better already! I agree, it's weird how many people who don't cook, or really care about food, watch food tv. They treat it like a sport they're fans of but don't play. In some ways, I wonder if watching cooking happen on TV makes it seem LESS accessible as a skill?


Hey Sarah -- I guess you're right; Food Network viewers see cooking as a spectator sport or event. In the same way, I'm fascinated by watching people attempt to summit Everest on a Travel Channel program, but it's very unlikely that I'll ever try it myself. And you're right, it looks even more unattainable when I see everything it entails on TV. So cooking is an Everest for some people, I suppose. Seems strange to those of us for whom it's second nature...


Don't forget to eat some good yoghurt after taking antibiotics to re-introduce the "good" stuff back into your system. Sorry to hear you've been feeling low.


Hey Debi dear -- I've been eating yogurt and taking acidophilus probiotics as well -- and thanks for both your wise counsel and your concern..

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