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September 04, 2007



Oh my, it must be serious if you can't muster up some enthusiasm for that awesome-sounding cake! I'm sure the lucky recipients were thrilled with their bounty. Hope your stomach is rumbling soon missing those cakes and ready for your next foray into the kitchen.


I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better. but, of course, you are not all better, or you wouldn't be suffering from this food ennui. It is depressing to lack interest in your food-I feel the same when I am ill...it's an extra negative with being sick-as if the sun was never out, or something.Makes you realize that your usual level of interest is a bit of a gift, really-like a talent, or something. Hope all is well soon.


Cathy -- our friends and relatives WERE very happy to get those cakes. Fortunately, I'm on to ruminating about my next baking venture, which will have to do with the season's last peaches -- and I'm HUNGRY for it. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Hey Lindy -- so nice to see you here. Fortunately, the food ennui is just about gone at this point. Can't wait to post something absolutely delicious.

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