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September 28, 2007



Ah, this appealed to me, too. I've just started deep-frying and so noted the comment about using less oil. What kind of a pot did you use? "Taller" in my kitchen at the moment only includes an asparagus steamer but maybe I've missed something? PS The pears look enticing too!


Deep frying is back in from the cold?! Hallelujah!

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

Thank god the fat fetishists are finally losing the cultural battle. So have you tried frying in peanut oil? And did you use an oil thermometer?


Mark Bittman had a great first line in an article about frying several years ago: "The cooking method people fear most is the one they love most: frying." So true.

The heavy lingering smell after frying is one of the things that stops me. I'm so interested to hear that covering the pot afterwards takes care of that.

Those fritters sound wonderful and they look delicious. Good enough to make me think about revisiting the whole frying thing.


Alanna, I just used an old Dansk 3-quart pot that has curved, high walls. "Old" is the operative word here, since frying is such a disaster in my book that I don't want to risk ruining a better pot.

Hey Mari -- I love fried food too -- I just don't love making it. But done right, it's not that bad for us, I don't think.

Kyla, I like peanut oil a lot, and in fact, I went out looking for it on the day I made these. Sadly I could only find canola oil in my neighborhood. No deep fat thermometer yet -- I'll have to feel more committed to the act of frying before I go that far -- but I did fine without it.

Hi Julie -- oh that Mark Bittman -- words to live by, indeed. I can see I should have called this post "fear of frying." Covering the pot works like a dream, and trust me, these fritters are worth conquering your fear of frying.

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