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September 19, 2007



What a day, what a pair, what a 'matched set'! I love your 'profile' of Adam, Julie and the just-as-relaxed-as-your day description of him ... I wonder how many other people, if we only stopped to check, we might have a pile in common with.

dani spies

What a lovely write up...Adam sounds like an interesting guy...you have definitely encouraged me to check out his book!!
As for Aurther Ave...I love that place. I'm living in CA now so it's been a while since I've been, but I think I'm due for a visit;)

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

Nothing like a walkabout with a fellow foodie. Like a vision quest but a taste quest.


As a Fordham University student, I can tell you that living so close to Arthur Ave is a godsend.

But to go to Arthur Ave and not eat at Tino's?? For shame.


Julie, I'll have to check your faves against those of my parents-in-law, who still drive to Arthur Avenue to shop for holiday cooking supplies. Btw, did you see the article in today's Times about Alice Waters? I think she's already working to transform school food in CA. That would be a wonderful role for you here in NYC!


I love the "Evolving Gourmet" title - very cool...


Great writeup on Adam. I've been making my way on all the virtual book tour stops and I really enjoyed this one! Great picture of Adam too.


I would really like and be grateful for your sharing with me/us your seasonal "Rosh Hashana about blowing the Shofar" joke. I'm short of jokes and with Yom kibour knocking on the sabbat door, I need a good joke to present to the almighty so he might have a good laugh and unadvertedly forgive my serious sins
Thank you
Simona, Tel Aviv

Joe Conason

The apple plum ripple coffee cake is also marvelous...


Alanna, I'm so glad you enjoyed this -- come to NY, and we'll go off on an adventure of our own...

Dani, do get Adam's book -- it's a great read! He's hysterical -- I didn't really talk enough about his incredible humor.

Kyla, I love doing a "food crawl" with friends -- it's the greatest.

Ahhh, well, Faye...everyone has their favorite spots, I know. We'll have to do Tino's next time.

Margaret, I'd LOVE to know your in-laws' favorite spots. And I'm a big fan of Alice Waters' school activism -- I've actually been to the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley to check it out. New York is way behind in this regard, don't you think?

Thanks Zeep -- I guess we're all evolving gourmets...

Thanks Hillary -- we had such a good time doing this. I could use another one of those cannolis right about now!

Hi Simona. You're really going to make me do this, aren't you. Well, it's kind of a double entendre -- think about the way that "chauffeur" and "shofar" sound alike...

Bro -- so glad you guys liked the coffee cake. Too bad the babies aren't on solid food yet.

Joe Bellacero

Julie, reading about your cannoli experience reminds me how far from a real cannoli are the squishy tubes stuffed with thuddingly heavy filling, that my local bakery produces. It reminds me of my grandfather's heavenly confections. (My brother still has his cannoli sticks, four 6 in. maple-wood dowels stained by pastry oils a beautiful deep brown.) Grandpa used to use chianti in the pastry recipe adding a unique color and flavor I've never had since.


Mmm, that coffee cake looks great. Could you share the recipe?

Fashion Bug Coupons Chick

The coffee cake does look great! Sounds like a great day.

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Ajf 6

You and I have common interests! You are my part of the story!

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