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September 09, 2007



Excellent post, and I admire your "kitchen disasters" category... I'm not quite brave enough for one of those yet. :)

I'm also going through a "less is more" phase, and am learning when to cut corners and when not to... and when to bother living with the results. :) I've also gotten pretty good at something out of nothing -- when most sane people would go grocery shopping, I get creative with whatever I can scrounge up and mix together on my shelves.

Oh, and if you get more corn, the corn soup in the Lucques cookbook is very good. And I even made a corn stock out of the leftover corn cobs (and scallions/carrots/pepper) to use in lieu of chicken/veg stock in the future.

Average Jane

I was just thinking about trying to find out how to make grits at home. I really love them, but have only had them in restaurants. Thanks for the recipe!


Look at you with your beautiful new template. :)

Instant polenta really is the stuff of the devil. I think it's because the window between not-done-yet and overcooked glop is fleeting. It's supposed to cook up in five minutes. I have boiled it for five minutes, for two minutes, even boiled the water, added the polenta, covered the pot, turned off the heat and walked away for five minutes, and the end result was still the same. I finally stopped fighting with it, and started buying the stuff that needs 30 minutes or so of cooking, and I've never looked back.

This is a beautiful post, m'love. I'll be paying close attention to how your year goes, you bet.

Zarah Maria

So cool with that Farmer's Market - lucky girl!

I was smiling all along, reading this post - so many things reminding me of my own life - the spending too much money at the Farmer's Market (I do it at the supermarket, too, and, ahem, I guess anywhere I can get food-related produce), the trying to salvage food that obviously do not wish to be salvaged... So many things, Julie, so many things just like you!
(Like what you've done around here - so light and bright and lovely!)


Hey Nina -- I love that corn soup too, and I incorporated parts of it into the soup that I made earlier this summer. I did a corn cob stock too, and also used leek greens, since I had leeks in the soup. It was quite delish.

I too am becoming skilled at "something out of nothing." Lindy at the blog Toast once did a food blog event about that -- maybe it's time to revive it! BTW, I'm a great fan of your blog...

Average Jane, I'm so glad the grits recipe will come in handy for you. Let me know they turn out.

Bakerina my doll, I miss you! I have neglected you shamefully. No more instant polenta, I promise -- but I do have goodies for you. I'm glad you like the template -- it's like a pre-fab house, but I thought I'd try it on for a little while, at least.

Hey Zarah -- thanks for the compliment on the new look. Dunno if I'm sold on it yet.

As for overspending at the market, I'm just plain greedy. And I'm a sucker. The more variety that's offered, the more things I have to try, which is why I rarely leave a new bakery without a whole box of pastries. There's a whole genre of marketing strategies that are geared toward people like me.


I also inevitably buy more than I can eat at the farmer's market. I think it's sort of a "last chance" mentality - I'm afraid if I don't get it one week it won't be there the next. Also it's just so lovely and yummy looking...


P.S. forgot to say - I think those grits with the fresh corn look and sound fantastic!

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