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September 13, 2007



Wow. My mouth literally waters when I read your posts. I bought some gorgeous peaches a few weeks ago - I split them in half, stoned them, and popped them in the freezer. Then I can use them in my vitamix for yummy drinks with coconut rum and oj! Wow.

Joe Bellacero

I can see from the last picture that the four of you made substantial inroads on this delicious-sounding dessert for fifteen. And that leads me to add one more thing to Galeano's wonderful list--that dessert shall be as valued as the first and second dishes.
By the way, my favorite peach recipe--slices of large, ripe peaches submerged in chianti in a cut glass pitcher and chilled. My oh my!


Cindy -- you do get creative with your vitamix, don't you? Remind me to drop by for brunch.

I love peaches in red wine, but Joe, I must ask, are you leaping to conclusions with insufficient evidence? Casting aspersions on my preaching of the gospel of moderation? We don't know when that picture was taken, do we? Or at least you don't.

As it happens, we each ate one moderate, single-serving square at dessert time (being too full of steak and corn and veg to do much more damage than that, anyway). Then I packed up several ample portions of dessert for our guests to take with them. See what a nice hostess I am? Which reminds me -- when are you and Christine coming for dinner?

P.S. I plead the Fifth about that other square that disappeared sometime around midnight on the evening of the 12th.

Bill Burge

This looks so good!

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

I love this dish! I just finished up a batch of peach jam and it's too late to make this I think. Do you think it can be made with nectarines?

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If that tastes half good as it looks That is a piece of heaven!!!


i loved the recipe a lot...i think i should try this out....

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the heavenly taste of this pie haves no match, where did you get the recipe for this delicious dessert?

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I can imagine how delicious this sweet is.

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