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October 23, 2007



http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0JAW/is_2002_Fall/ai_93532772 I wouldn't know which was which...but there is a reason they are called "Food of the Gods"

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

I know what you mean. Every once in a while I re-encounter a food as though I'd never had it before.

I wonder if they were sweeter because it's so late in the season...

The Yummy Mummy

I love hearing you write about missing your mom and that sense of re-connecting with her by spending time with people who knew her. Really lovely to read that...

Also, I never ate figs until I was an adult, so I have no real food memory of them and so, I tend not to use them or buy them. Thanks for reminding me to stretch a little. I think I'll make something with figs this weekend.

Thanks for the inspiration!


I had the exact same revelation the first time I tasted a ripe fig straight off the tree. I had never really 'gotten' figs before, but suddenly I knew what all the fuss was about - it was like discovering a whole new fruit. The downside, of course, is that all the supermarket ones now taste like cardboard in comparison!


What a gorgeous photo! I love the figs in that beautiful bowl, and your words about missing your mother are so poignant and moving.

While our fig tree makes for lovely photos, yours sound like they were much more delicious!


how nice to be able to pick the figs out with your own hands.Nothing like fresh produce.I love the fresh ones far more than the dried ones.

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