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October 15, 2007



Truffle and anchovy paste in meatloaf?! Incredible... This I've got to try!


Meatloaf as mediator? It's got possibilities --

Julie O'Hara

Those collard greens caught my eye! My guy loves them and so do I. I just made a stew of them with black-eyed peas, and they were almost as good as when braised with bacon:) The meatloaf sounds wonderful.


Oh! How sweet. This sounded like a truly stellar menu, Julie! I can imagine it had curative, couple-pleasing properties :) Glad you liked the tomatoes...


Jessica, all the seasonings seemed to work very harmoniously together. The meatloaf didn't taste of any of them in particularly, but definitely had a rich savory flavor that was more than the sum of its parts...

Alanna, maybe that should have been the title: "Meatloaf As Mediator"! I love it.

Julie, those collards are fabulous. I'll have to try them with the black-eyed peas as well.

Luisa, those tomatoes were amazing. We're making dinner for my in-laws on Thursday, and the tomatoes will definitely be a feature during that meal as well.


Man, I haven't made meat loaf in *forever*.

My "Jacques & Julia" cookbook (Pepin & Childs) says that one shouldn't be afraid to make paté as it is "just French meatloaf" :) So, Julia Childs says they are the same, no wonder I love meatloaf so!

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

Eek I hope no-one's fighting anymore. What could be better than meat and potatoes to sow marital harmony?


I know this one is from a while ago, but "Meatloaf for Difficult Moments" was too good NOT to comment on. How cozy and comforting!


That plate deserves a big ol' blue ribbon 1st prize ribbon on it! Please come and open up a diner near me, the Netherlands needs your comfort food!


What a cool post. I love how you wove in the story of your friends.

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