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October 07, 2007



Ah yes, I got myself into a similar slow-down reverie when shelling fresh black-eyed peas. Succotash ... you're next!

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

I am so trying to learn how to cook with beans. I am definitely coming back for this recipe.


I'm so glad you posted about this. It was so much fun to talk your ear off last weekend; next time, I think we should get to the bottom of that bakers' muffin, once and for all.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

As a recent convert to limas I have to concur that they're highly underrated. Now I need to try cranberry beans.


My mother often made succotash but never with beans only corn with peppers, tomatoes and okra. I knew that this wasn't the original recipe, and often wondered about the origins of the dish and the name. Thanks for the history lesson!


Julie - you've got me pegged! I've become a bean lover in my adult years, but I have still shied away from lima beans. I have to say though your succotash looks very tempting! I think I'd have to make due with the dried lima beans though as I'd have a tough time finding shelling beans around here.


why oh why do I find horrible errors in my comments the moment I post them? I meant (of course) "make do" not "make due". Arggh!


Alanna -- Now, of course, I'm going to have to try fresh black-eyed peas -- when I can find them!

Kyla -- this is a great way to start out with fresh beans, but it's definitely got its seasonal limitations. Time's running out!

Deb -- I was at City Bakery the other day. Didn't get the baker's muffin, but that apple miso muffin really hits the spot -- as does my favorite chocolate tart.

Lisa, cranberry beans are great too. I recently put them in a dish I think you'd like -- a pork stew with tomatillos and serrano chilies.

Mari, your mother's combination sounds pretty delicious too. I need to explore okra a little further...

Awww, Cathy -- you know typos are no problem here. Sometimes I cringe when I go over my old posts! Try good quality frozen baby limas -- they'll be closer to fresh than the dried beans, which are also delicious.


I love beans...they are one of my favorite thing to eat. The different colors, shapes, and flavors are amazing.


Awwwww, babygirl, you know how to get me where I live. Lima beans were my favorite vedge when I was a kid, and I still love 'em today. The smell of a lima fresh from the pod makes my toes curl.

Last Saturday, at the market, I found fresh okra. If it's still there this weekend, I'm thinking of making the succotash recipe Laurie Colwin gives in More Home Cooking (onion, red pepper, beans, corn, okra, a little ground ginger). Lloyd and I are going to Mystic for our anniversary next week, so I can't cook anything big & fancy this weekend, but I figure a little pot of succotash will carry us nicely through the weekend.

Silly me. I go on and on without telling you how beautiful this post is. This post is beautiful.


Guess what Julie! They had both limas and cranberry beans at my little (3 stands) local farmers market! I didn't recognize the limas and only found out what they were when I asked while paying for my purchase, so I didn't get any (I've way overbought for the week), but I did come home with the cranberry beans which I'm fixing for lunch. If the limas are there next week I promise I'll buy some :)


Heya Julie - I love this kind of food. Maybe it's nerdy to be a bean freak but a bean freak I am. I think the term "3 Sisters" is also used because the three crops benefited growing together (the beans would grow up the corn stalks and provide nitrogen for the other plants and the squash would fan out and help suffocate any weeds.) Just another reason for the old saying "what grows together goes together."

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