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November 19, 2007



I'm powerless too... when it comes to eating, but fortunately lazy enough that I've never made more than one or two at a time. Our family only falls into two camps - pumpkin or mince meat - so two usually satisfies everyone. I don't see how you're ever going to get your family on-board with having fewer pies at Thanksgiving - who'd want to give up even one of those yummy pastries of yours?

Joe Conason

Make the two-crust apple, the chocolate espresso pecan, and the traditional pumpkin...pretty please...


Mmmm...mincemeat! I love mince pie, Cathy. One of these days I'm going to make a pie that suits ME, instead of making all these pies to please everyone else!

Who said you were getting any pie at all, brotha deah? Just joking. Sort of. In any case, I'll torture you slightly by saying that one pie is made, another is in the oven, the third's crust is chilling...and the special chocolate-lagniappe petit fours/dessert is already made, too.

Burberry Outlet

Considering that the five-month-old twins will be dining on (organic) formula and rice cereal, I'm not sure http://www.outletburberryoutlet.com I can get away with that one.

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