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December 10, 2007



Hi! I entered the raffle for your prize, times 5. Nothing else looked that good, or, otherwise, the prize was in Europe, a little out of reach. LOL.


Thanks Nancy! That dinner would be yummy, especially with good company...and I know that as a teacher, school lunches, whether for kids near or far, is something you're glad to support...


Hi Julie,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention outside the NYC area. it's a great model of a project for a very worthy cause.

Best wishes and happy holidays to you and the finger in every pie readers.

Jelly Kean

I have a blog where I raising money for hunger relief. Just saw this today! Thanks for the information, I got two tickets. 23 is my lucky number :)


I am also trying to raise money for hunger relief with my blog. Just saw this today- 23 is my lucky number :)


Elyse, I'm always happy to see you stop by. I'm so glad you think this is a worthy project -- and I agree, it's an excellent model. Happy holiday wishes to you and C from G & me!

JellyKean, thanks for bidding. I hope we all get lucky -- especially those for whom we're fundraising.


Hi there, a dinner for four at a famous cafe, sounds very exciting. The raffle is getting better and better with fabulous prizes.

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