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March 15, 2008



I love the idea that G determined the galette was diet pie, half of everything! Too funny!


I love those amaretti cookies too! The wrapping is the cutest!

Your rustic apple pie looks perfect, great job!

evil chef mom

Diet Pie! HA! I think it's beautiful. Thanks so much for doing this!

White On Rice Couple

This galette is just fabulous! Using crumbled amaretti cookies and Calvados (yes!!!) did it for us. We're hooked and will be making it.


Soooo...Hi-Rise is in Cambridge, you say?...

(takes a second look at that letter from Northeastern)

That is some spectacular galette you've got going there. And yes, G is a savvy and perceptive fellow. ;)


Hi Wanda -- yes, that G is a funny fellow. As he says, there's gotta be some reason I keep him around...

Mari, have you ever tried the "angel trick" with the amaretti wrappers? You can twist them into a cone, put the cone on a plate, light the tip on fire, and when it burns down, the whole paper ash will float up to the ceiling, like an angel going to heaven. My mom taught me that when I was little. Just be careful!

Thanks, Krysta, I'm glad you like our "diet pie". And thanks for hosting a "Pi Day" event.

Hey Diane and Todd -- do let me know if you make it, and if it turns out well for you. We found it practically perfect...

Weeeellll, Missy Bakey. I suppose I can say that at least Northeastern is within driving range...G can chauffeur Miss Bunni and myself up for weekends, complete with breakfasts at Hi-Rise.


That is really an impressive pie. You wnet all out for this thing and if it tastes half as good as it looks..... wow :)


I make upside-down apple tart ("not-quite Tarte Tatin") all the time, but somehow I've never made galette. I'm bookmarking this.


Wow that looks great! I have made an apple galette before. They are so yummy!


vodka in the pie crust? That's a new one - I'd love to hear why you do this. I'll be waiting for the email. I might even have to make this just to experience the vodka crust.


Hi lcsa99 -- honestly, it might even be better than it looks -- but your chocolate caramel tart looks luscious too.

Adele -- I love tarte tatin if someone else makes it -- it takes SO long to caramelize. But this galette is really a cinch.

Jessica, galettes might just be my favorite form of pie, even if G thinks they're dietetic. If you keep a few batches of your favorite pie dough in the freezer, great things can happen -- especially in the summer, all those peaches and nectarines and plums and berries...mmmmm

Hi Kathy -- the vodka pie crust is a trick to keep gluten from forming in the pie dough, which means the crust stays flakier and doesn't get tough. You don't taste the vodka, the alcohol bakes off. You can find it on smitten kitchen, serious eats, Cooks' Illustrated and lots of places online. Google "vodka pie crust" and you'll find it in all the places I mentioned, and more besides. Or you can follow the links in my post above, the one that says "my favorite pie crust recipe" or the one that says "our favorite, already-blogged apple pie" and you'll find references there as well. Hope this helps.

Sophie A.

Great Pie! What a beautiful, yummy looking dessert! Sigh, I just made my first pie this Sunday. But I'm still a foodie newbie. I'm just a young, fresh outta college gal, so maybe in a few years they'll look this gorgeous! I'm jealous :P!

Sophie :)

Ei! Kumpel

diet pie!!! Brilliant!!!


Wow! That is some special galette. I especially love the amaretti! Wish I could have had a piece ...


Great tip with the Amaretti biscuits. Amaretto is one of my all-time favourite ingredients too!


Great tip with the Amaretti biscuits. Amaretto is one of my all-time favourite ingredients too!


This was possibly the worst pastry I've ever made :( Don't worry, I'm not blaming the recipe (my regular pastry is far from perfect), I was just really disappointed in the hard-as-crackers crust when the filling was so absolutely delicious... I've learned my lesson though - pastry flour and shortening go a LONG way to make a crust tender and flaky!

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Wow, I’m obviously not being creative enough, haha…Great work!

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