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June 16, 2008


michelle @ TNS

pasta salad: yummy in theory, often horrific in practice. but a fresh, seasonal version like this could never be bad!

i'm actually having pasta salad for dinner tonight.

Hanan Jalaliddeen

Wow.. pasta and pea combination!
Couldn't get better! That will fill that empty stomach and this drooling mouth!!
If you are looking for something similar but as a main dish
why don't you check out this recipe? It's called Spaghetti alla Carbonara.

Meg Staloff

Hi, I'm a long-time reader (forever in your debt for the triple ginger cookies, which are at the top of my cookie repertoire, and always a hit) and erst-while blogger at megsfoodandwinepage, which went on permanent hiatus due to life issues. Just wanted to let you know that I'm back, refocussed, at a new site: www.gastronomeg.com. I'll be covering a lot of stuff that's up your alley, so stop on over if you get a moment and check it out.
I'm in the "pasta salad... enh" camp, but it IS useful for picnics and road trips. I usually find that adding some sort of fat/protein (chunks of fresh mozzarella, feta, or even tuna) helps things along, but the fresh veggies and last-minute dressing technique you suggest sounds like another great approach! I need something to take along camping, so I may just give it a whirl tomorrow.


Beautiful photos! I really like your site.

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WOW! I just came across your ratatouille recipe posted August 28, 2005. I posted this same comment, but what are the chances of you reading my post for a recipe posted in 2005? So I decided to post my comment here. My ratatouille craze started a month ago dining at a French restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA, called Le Bistro. They have the best ratatouille served with all their entrees. They actually scoop it up in a nice oval-shape mound laying next to a few other vegetables served with their entrees. Le Bistro's ratatouille is very thick, stewed to perfection, vegetables were cooked crisp-tender, slightly sweet, rich in flavor...SO DELICIOUS! Le Bistro do sell their ratatouille by the pound so I bought a pound for my lunches. I savor each bite without sharing with my husband. I told my husband, I can do this myself easily. WRONG! I searched my cookbooks, the internet...NADA. Most recipes posted are overcooked or too saucy and lack the richness of flavors. Three cookings of ratatouille later, I came up with something close and satisfying, but not quite le Bristro, but good enough. Then I came across your page. WOW, I thoguht to myself...am I reading my own blog...there is another person going through this just like myself? Your recipe sounds pretty close to Le Bistro, except they used regular onions instead of leeks and their ratatouille was a bit more tomato-based than your version. Finally I found a recipe close to what I craved from Le Bistro. I love ratatouille. It's so healthy and rich in flavor. I eat it cold as a salad, hot with brown rice, use as a topping over grilled fish fillets...so versatile to enjoy! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR RECIPE!


I definitely understand the reluctance to turn the oven on in the summer. It's just so uncomfortable. Fortunately we've had a bit of a cool spell lately andfall is around the corner. Beautiful salad idea!


Interesting, very nice. I am from the Slovak Republic. I am also a site for recipes for cooking. Only it be translated through Google translate.

Kylie Jenner

Wow that looks really good and easy to make. It looks fresh and not too filling after you eat it. Thank for the recipe I will be making it soon. Thank you!

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its look realy good and tasty


I like the mixture of pasta and noddles


Green food is good for health

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that spaghetti looks delicious!! I love to cook to invite my friends to dinner! would be the sensation of the night!

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Beautiful photos! I really like your site.


Nice article! Looks yummy!

rüya tabirleri

I definitely understand the reluctance to turn the oven on in the summer. It's just so uncomfortable. Fortunately we've had a bit of a cool spell lately andfall is around the corner. Beautiful salad idea!


This sounds like a winner, I will have to try it.

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