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September 01, 2008



Ohhh, Hello! Been thinking about you all summer. xxx

Your new job sounds very challenging. I would have hired you, too. :) Congratulations, Julie.

Your writing always touches my heart. I love your post, and it's good to know what you've been doing. I'm glad you're well (your dad, too), but just been busy with each day.

Hugs, Lea


Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! I admit my initial thought was "Baby?" but that's probably because I am surrounded by pregnant and/or engaged people lately and it's driving me batsh*t. Anyway. Very happy for you; from the posts I've read where you describe your students and how you felt about them (not in so many direct words), I know this job is well deserved and that you will make an excellent principal. Those kids are lucky to have you<333
And I hope all the best for your father.


80 jars of preserves? Apricot curd and raspberry curd? Oh, my goodness! I hope that at some future moment when the rest of your life is quieter you'll have a chance to blog about these things. In the meantime, congratulations on the new job. Somehow, despite you're current feeling of being in over your head, I suspect you'll be wonderful. Just a hunch.


So very happy to hear your (cyber)voice again. Canning is in full swing too here in Richland, Missouri. All of us, your faithful congregation out here in internet land are rooting for your dad. Give your best in your new job. We expect only excellence from you!
Thank you for posting. Best, Annie


we went picking and thought of you. Wished you were here because I can't get the husband and children to seriously pick for a couple of hours. All we got were two quarts of blueberries and two quarts of raspberries and 5 huge peaches (so huge they could have hidden Rumer Godden's "Little Peach" inside) because Mr. Aimai comes from people who don't cook and are always dieting. Damn them.

I've been thinking of you and I love the idea of a principal's blog although I think you'd pretty soon run into trouble with it, don't you? Honesty and all that. When I think how nervous it makes me to imagine my parents reading my often obscene little blog posts I can't imagine having teachers and students find out my innermost thoughts! Still, here are some other possible titles "A is for Apple" "Now We're Cooking" and I do like "bitten off..." but its a little long for tripping off the tongue. You are going to be a *killer* principal and you are going to be so important in so many people's lives. All our congratulations to you and don't forget to save some apricot curd for us. We missed the whole damned season somehow.


Alanna @ A Veggie Venture

All the best in the new venture - very exciting, professionally. The blog will wait. Your blog friends will be patient and understand and welcome your updates, no matter how few. Be well. (And don't be too surprised to see me some time soon ...!)


Oh, you all make me remember what I love about blogging.

Lea, we never even got out to the West Coast this whole sabbatical year, and now it's gone. Drat. And my vacations are MUCH shorter than when I was a teacher, too. But we will come out, and until we do, give our love to your wonderful family!

Hey Yvo, nope, no baby, unless you count 182 adolescents as my instant children -- which is pretty much how I think of them. Hey, I'm pretty prolific, huh?

Julie, thanks for the vote of confidence. 9 days in, 4 days of actual school with my new family of kids, a number of crises averted or handled, and I'm feeling like maybe I can actually do this...

MoFarmerAnnie -- you are just my sort of gal. What are you canning? Probably everything, and you probably grew it all too, which will make me feel like a serious slacker. But still, I'd like to live vicariously through your experiences.

Aimai, darling cousin mine, there are jars of apricot curd with your name on them -- and don't you have a birthday coming up? We'll really have to plan next summer. I was dying to go picking, and never even made it to our planned vacation much less berry harvesting because first the interviewing thing and then the job thing seriously took off. But next summer we'll come to the Cape, we'll go picking, we'll be jammin' till the break of dawn...

Ummm...Alanna? Is this a hint that you're coming to NYC? You will contact me, won't you?


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