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November 30, 2008


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Great post, Thanks.


This look sooo gooood!!!


Sorry to hear your sad news.
As for the recipe, it is similar to one we use.
Ours being with chicken as opposed to turkey and excludes the sherry.
On the other hand it does include coriander in place of the rosemary.
We don't care for garlic so use shallot instead.
Otherwise very similar and on that basis can be heartily recommended.
We also like to follow this meal with a cup of our favourite Darjeeling TGFOP tea from The Tea and Coffee Emporium.
Thanks for the post and the opportunity to comment.


Sorry for your father's passing. You can still Tivo Extreme Chef at 10/9C on FoodNetwork. God Bless...


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I said to G, "Something's different. Something's changed, and I can't quite put my finger on it. He's less responsive." He seemed to me to be going inside himself, retreating from all of us. http://www.nikesoccercleatsshoes.com By Thanksgiving day, he had stopped responding, although he was not unconscious. He simply would not open his eyes, and batted away any form of help or inquiry, refusing even to take water. During the phone call I made to ask for counsel, one of my wise and beloved cousins (who is also a gerontologist) said, upon hearing my description of his behavior, "He's trying to leave, sweetie," confirming what I had both suspected and feared.


I am so sorry for your loss. A very lovely tribute.


A beautiful tribute. I laughed reading your account of the caregiver "breaking it to you gently." Red, and Ellie, would have made an even better story of it. What is the Yiddish version, do you think? How we would all laugh, when you and Red and Ellie came to visit. It was non stop. The smell of Ellies perfume, Red's towering presence--he always looked like a Cossack, to me--those are such wonderful memories. Come to thanksgiving next year--I think I'm going to bag the turkey altogether and make rack of lamb and we'll start a new tradition.



Its sad to hear your loss. The turkey rice soup its looking amazing. Its very simple and delicious.

Thanks for posting

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So we're off to the barbecue, my sweet ever-patient G and I. And all this will pass, and it will be better, I know. And I'll cook more things just for the joy of cooking them and enjoying real food and spring produce. I've actually taken some ramps and asparagus and spring greens and rhubarb out for a few turns. This has made a very welcome respite from the endless bags and containers and cartons of less-than-stellar take-out, which are the hallmark of weary evenings after extreme days. More about all of that, later.

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Just a place-holder to tell you that I haven't been posting because I have nothing happy to share at the moment. My dad is in the hospital, and the only recipe I have for you is how to make a tasty and palatable milkshake out of a can of Ensure nutrient drink (secret: big scoops of any rich ice-cream, duh). We hope to be taking him back to his home quite soon, but it will be for his final stretch of a few months more, perhaps, on the planet.

Tia G

So sorry for your loss. I lost my father recently. Very moving post.


Just know that it does get better. You will be able to remember without the pain - in time.

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neither of you own this place, it would be like me shifting into a brand new house with a friend and saying that I get to plan everything.

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I am sorry to hear about your father.


Very beautiful post.Thanks for sharing your experience.I am eagerly awaiting more posts from you.

Rob Johnson

Great post, thanks for this! By the way, whenever i'm making something like this, I alway use Textuarants

Neilesh Patel – Loving the Food Industry!

I enjoyed some of these posts, thanks for writing. I will share them with my colleagues. Is it ok if we include some of your posts in our newsletter? We will link to your site, of course. :) I think our audience would enjoy these tidbits from time to time – they are all food and beverage industry professionals. You can email me at the address I provided.


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