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November 30, 2008




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Dave Jones

Turkey soup sounds delicious...gonna try it soon. I'm so sorry for your loss...my deepest sympathies with you and your family.



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so sorry for your loss.


I don't know how to explain my feelings. I can relate to your problem. I also experienced this dilemma with my grandmother.But anyhow, as the saying goes, life will go on. How's life now?

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Im sorry to here of your loss. My prayer is with you. Sometimes the bad events in our lives can encourage us to follow a greater purpose. It also opens our eyes and shows us how fragile everyone's life is. They are all in a much better place now waiting for us to join them :-)


i see that this post is from almost a year ago, but your words really hit home for me. my dad just passed away from cancer a little over a month ago, and there are so many similarities between your experience and mine. this post is a beautiful tribute to him. i haven't felt much inspiration to post anything on my blog since his passing either, but i hope that you are doing well and are finding inspiration and happiness in your life.
take care,

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Even when the death of a beloved parent is expected, it comes hard.

jennifer geisinger

We just lost my husband's dad last January, and this was very touching, and very true. Thank you for your words-you made me cry, and I will share it with Timothy as well.

Burn Belly Fat

Oh... It's a late comment, but so sorry to read your post!


WOW weee. lovely picture, sure taste so good..
i love the Recipe if you don't mind

Driveway Gate

I like it..

Yummy! Looks delicious!

Nice Post too!

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Kitchen Butterfly

Wow...sorry to hear of your loss. It is well. I Thank God for the times you had and the dawning that your time with him was getting short.I wish you peace and rest in your heart and the comfort of kind thoughts and wishes. Stay blessed

Aloja Vera

I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. You can't beat how easy it is, plus it tastes great. Thanks again!

Kesi Miller

This turkey soup was really tasty... It had a little different taste than regular turkey soups.... I added Patan ghee into it to make it more tasty and it worked....:D:D:D ...i loved it

Hélène (Cannes)

I come here for the first time and your post strikes me terribly .. We're living exactly the same thing with my husband's father, who has also been like a father to me for more than 25 years ... It is extremely difficult for the family to see this strong man leaving slowly ... His four children and all his grand-children are around him and I try to make everything comfortable for him and them ... But it's really hard for me ... It is nice for me to read that I'm not alone in this situation and I perfectly understand your husband's sadness ...
Well ... The only thing left to do is to wait ... I know it but it is so hard ...
Thanks again for that post ...


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